CanCheckOut Method

True if Microsoft Word can check out a specified document from a server. Read/write Boolean.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.

FileName   Required String. The server path and name of the document.


To take advantage of the collaboration features built into Word, documents must be stored on a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.


This example verifies that a document is not being edited by another user and that it can be checked out. If the document can be checked out, it copies the document to the local computer for editing.

Sub CheckInOut(docCheckOut As String)
    If Documents.CanCheckOut(docCheckOut) = True Then
        Documents.CheckOut docCheckOut
        MsgBox "You are unable to check out this document at this time."
    End If
End Sub

To call the CheckInOut subroutine, use the following subroutine and replace the "http://servername/workspace/report.doc" file name with an actual file located on a server mentioned in the Remarks section above.

Sub CheckDocInOut()
    Call CheckInOut (docCheckIn:="http://servername/workspace/report.doc")
End Sub

Applies to | Documents Collection Object