FillStyle Property [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

You can use the FillStyle property to specify whether a circle or line drawn by the Circle or Line method on a report is transparent, opaque, or filled with a pattern. Read/write Integer.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


The FillStyle property uses the following settings.

Setting Description
0 Opaque
1 (Default) Transparent
2 Horizontal Line
3 Vertical Line
4 Upward Diagonal
5 Downward Diagonal
6 Cross
7 Diagonal Cross

Note  You can set the FillStyle property by using a macro or a Visual Basic event procedure specified by a section's OnPrint property setting.

When the FillStyle property is set to 0, a circle or line has the color set by the FillColor property. When the FillStyle property is set to 1, the interior of the circle or line is transparent and has the color of the report behind it.

To use the FillStyle property, the SpecialEffect property must be set to Normal.


The following example uses the Circle method to draw a circle and create a pie slice within the circle. Then it uses the FillColor and FillStyle properties to color the pie slice red. It also draws a line from the upper left to the center of the circle.

To try this example in Microsoft Access, create a new report. Set the OnPrint property of the Detail section to [Event Procedure]. Enter the following code in the report's module, then switch to Print Preview.

Private Sub Detail_Print(Cancel As Integer, PrintCount As Integer)

    Const conPI = 3.14159265359

    Dim sngHCtr As Single
    Dim sngVCtr As Single
    Dim sngRadius As Single
    Dim sngStart As Single
    Dim sngEnd As Single

    sngHCtr = Me.ScaleWidth / 2               ' Horizontal center.
    sngVCtr = Me.ScaleHeight / 2              ' Vertical center.
    sngRadius = Me.ScaleHeight / 3            ' Circle radius.
    Me.Circle (sngHCtr, sngVCtr), sngRadius   ' Draw circle.
    sngStart = -0.00000001                    ' Start of pie slice.

    sngEnd = -2 * conPI / 3                   ' End of pie slice.
    Me.FillColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)             ' Color pie slice red.
    Me.FillStyle = 0                          ' Fill pie slice.
    ' Draw Pie slice within circle
    Me.Circle (sngHCtr, sngVCtr), sngRadius, , sngStart, sngEnd

    ' Draw line to center of circle.
    Dim intColor As Integer
    Dim sngTop As Single, sngLeft As Single
    Dim sngWidth As Single, sngHeight As Single

    Me.ScaleMode = 3                          ' Set scale to pixels.
    sngTop = Me.ScaleTop                      ' Top inside edge.
    sngLeft = Me.ScaleLeft                    ' Left inside edge.
    sngWidth = Me.ScaleWidth / 2              ' Width inside edge.
    sngHeight = Me.ScaleHeight / 2            ' Height inside edge.
    intColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)                 ' Make color red.

    ' Draw line.
    Me.Line (sngTop, sngLeft)-(sngWidth, sngHeight), intColor

End Sub

Applies to | Report Object

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