Installed Property

True if the specified add-in is installed (loaded). Add-ins that are loaded are selected in the Templates and Add-ins dialog box (Tools menu). Read/write Boolean.

Note  Uninstalled add-ins are included in the AddIns collection. To remove a template or WLL from the AddIns collection, apply the Delete method to the AddIn object (the add-in name is removed from the Templates and Add-ins dialog box). To unload all templates and WLLs, apply the Unload method to the AddIns collection.


expression Required. An expression that returns an AddIn object.


This example unloads the global template named ""

Addins("").Installed = False

This example loads FindAll.wll.

Addins("C:\Templates\FindAll.wll").Installed = True

This example loads

AddIns("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\" _
    & "Templates\").Installed = True

This example displays a message on the status bar if is loaded as a global template.

If AddIns("").Installed = True Then _
    StatusBar = " is loaded"

Applies to | AddIn Object

See Also | Autoload Property | Delete Method | Unload Method