Welcome to the Microsoft Office Visio 2003 SDK [Visio 2003 SDK Documentation]

The Microsoft® Office Visio® 2003 SDK documentation provides the information that you need to develop custom solutions for Microsoft Office Visio 2003.

Publish date of this reference: January 2005 (version 2003)

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This documentation contains the following sections:

  • Overview Provides details on the contents of the SDK, how to install and uninstall the SDK, software requirements for the tools and samples, and known issues for the SDK.
  • What's New Provides information about new members to the Vision object model.
  • Managed Code Interop Tutorial Provides a tutorial on how to build a Visio solution written in Visual Basic .NET.
  • Reference Provides individual reference documentation as follows:
    • The Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Automation Reference provides an overview of Automation in Visio. It includes information about the Visio object model, the Visio type library, and about extending the functionality of Visio with macros, add-ons, and COM (Component Object Model) add-ins. A sample Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro is also provided. This reference provides details on Visio objects, properties, methods, and events.

    • The Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Save as Web Page Reference provides an overview of using the Save as Web Page API with Microsoft Office Visio 2003. Details about the Save as Web Page methods, objects, enum, and properties are provided. We also provide a Microsoft Visual Basic example of the Save as Web Page object model.

    • The Microsoft Office Visio 2003 ShapeSheet Reference provides an overview of the ShapeSheet spreadsheet in Visio, including information about working with formulas, strings, date and time values, units of measure, and information about common ShapeSheet tasks, such as adding and deleting ShapeSheet sections and referencing cells from formulas. Details on each section, row, and cell in a ShapeSheet spreadsheet and details on functions you can use in formulas are provided.

    • The XML Reference for Microsoft Visio provides an overview of XML for Visio. Detailed information is provided for the XML for Visio schema, inheritance, working with sheets and formulas, geometry, text, loading XML files created outside of Visio, round-tripping XML data, embedding custom XML data, units of measure, and errors and warning messages.

  • Security and Privacy Provides information on security settings and discusses running code in Visio 2003.