About the Live Communications Server Application API

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1

About the Live Communications Server Application API

The Live Communications Server Application API enables the creation of applications that extend and enhance the SIP-based functionality of Microsoft Live Communications Server. From developing custom message filters and routing applications to multithreaded transactional models and secure logging functionality, this set of APIs targets developers who want to implement a custom centralized real-time content delivery or instant messaging infrastructure for the enterprise.

Note The Live Communications Server Application API currently does not support SIP dialogs and UAC server behaviors. Future versions of the API will add support for these features. Microsoft welcomes feedback and feature requests from the development community.

The Live Communications Server Application API provides a set of tools for implementing custom SIP message filters and for the dispatch of messages to applications registered with Live Communications Server. The two primary tools are application manifests, which define the basic message filtering and proxy behaviors, and the Microsoft SIP Processing Language (MSPL), which provides more granular control over filtering and proxy behaviors as well as a facility for the dispatch of specific messages to transaction-based SIP applications.

Topic Description
Application Manifests A reference for the creation of Live Communications Server application manifests.
Microsoft SIP Processing Language An in-depth reference for MSPL.

Applications that handle and process dispatched messages are created using classes and members from the Microsoft.Rtc.Sip namespace:

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