MSFT_SIPEdgeProxySetting class

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1


The MSFT_SIPEdgeProxySetting class specifies the Access Proxy to which a pool is to connect.

The following syntax is simplified from MOF code and includes all inherited properties.

class MSFT_SIPEdgeProxySetting
  [key] string EdgeProxyFQDN;


This class does not define any methods.


The MSFT_SIPEdgeProxySetting class has the following property.

  • EdgeProxyFQDN
    Data type: [key] string

    The FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of the Access Proxy.


Instances of this class can be created or deleted, but not updated. For PutInstance operations only WBEM_FLAG_CREATE_OR_UPDATE flag is supported.


Server: Installed on Windows Server 2003 with Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1.
Namespace: Defined in \root\cimv2.

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