Rule.Enabled Property

Outlook Developer Reference

Returns or sets a Boolean value that determines if the rule is to be applied. Read/write.

Version Information
Version Added: Outlook 2007



expression A variable that represents a Rule object.


Setting the Enabled property of a rule does not guarantee that the rule will be enabled. The rule is enabled only after Rules.Save executes successfully.

Using Rule.Enabled and Rules.Save applies the rule consistently and persists the rules beyond the current session. Enabling a rule (that has been saved successfully) ensures that the rule will be applied. If it is a local client rule, the rule will be applied when Outlook is running, and if the rule is a server-based rule, it will be applied regardless of whether Outlook is running. If you do not enable the rule, then the rule is defined, but it will not be applied. However, you can use Rule.Execute to apply a rule as an one-off operation regardless of whether the rule is enabled.

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