ListBox Object

Outlook Forms Script Reference

Displays a list of values and lets you select one or more.


If the ListBox is bound to a data source, the ListBox stores the selected value in that data source.

The ListBox can either appear as a list or as a group of OptionButton controls or CheckBox controls.

The default property for a ListBox is the Value property.

The default event for a ListBox is the Click event.

You can't drop text into a drop-down ListBox.

ListBox styles

You can choose between two presentation styles for a ListBox. This is expressed by the ListStyle property. Each style provides different ways for users to select items in the list.

If the style is 0, each item is on a separate row; the user selects an item by highlighting one or more rows.

If the style is 1, an OptionButton or CheckBox appears at the beginning of each row. With this style, the user selects an item by clicking the option button or check box. Check boxes appear only when the MultiSelect property is True.

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