SmartTags Object

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A collection of SmartTag objects that represent the identifiers assigned to each cell.


Use the SmartTags property of the Range collection or Worksheet object, to return a SmartTag collection. The following example demonstrates the use of the SmartTags property with the Add method.


This example adds a smart tag titled "MSFT" to cell A1, then adds extra metadata called "Market" with the value of "Nasdaq" to the smart tag and then returns the value of the property to the user. This example assumes the host system is connected to the Internet.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub UseProperties()
Dim strLink As String
Dim strType As String

' Define smart tag variables.
strLink = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:smarttags#StockTickerSymbol"
strType = "stockview"

' Enable smart tags to be embedded and recognized.
ActiveWorkbook.SmartTagOptions.EmbedSmartTags = True
Application.SmartTagRecognizers.Recognize = True

Range("A1").Formula = "MSFT"

' Add a property for MSFT smart tag and define it's value.
Range("A1").SmartTags.Add(strLink).Properties.Add _
    Name:="Market", Value:="Nasdaq"

' Notify the user of the smart tag's value.
MsgBox Range("A1").SmartTags.Add(strLink).Properties("Market").Value

End Sub

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