OlSaveAsType Enumeration

Outlook Developer Reference

Specifies the file format.

Name Value Description
olDoc 4 Microsoft Office Word format (.doc)
olHTML 5 HTML format (.html)
olICal 8 iCal format (.ics)
olMHTML 10 MIME HTML format (.mht)
olMSG 3 Outlook message format (.msg)
olMSGUnicode 9 Outlook Unicode message format (.msg)
olRTF 1 Rich Text format (.rtf)
olTemplate 2 Microsoft Office Outlook template (.oft)
olTXT 0 Text format (.txt)
olVCal 7 VCal format (.vcs)
olVCard 6 VCard format (.vcf)


Used as an optional parameter to the SaveAs method for Outlook items.

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