ViewSingle Object Members

Project Developer Reference

A ViewSingle object represents a single-pane view in Microsoft Office Project 2007.


  Name Description
Bb212894.methods(en-us,office.12).gif Apply Applies a filter to a view in a project.
Bb212894.methods(en-us,office.12).gif Delete Deletes an object from its containing collection.


  Name Description,office.12).gif Application Returns an Application object. Read-only Object.,office.12).gif Filter Returns or sets a Filter object representing the filter used in a single view. Read/write Object.,office.12).gif Group Returns or sets a Group object for a single view. Read/write Group.,office.12).gif HighlightFilter True if Project highlights the filter for a single view. Read/write Boolean.,office.12).gif Index Returns the index of an object in its containing collection. Read-only Long.,office.12).gif Name Returns the name of a ViewSingle object. Read/write String.,office.12).gif Parent Returns the parent of the object. Read-only Object.,office.12).gif Screen Returns a screen type for a ViewSingle object. Can be one of the PjViewScreen constants. Read-only Long.,office.12).gif ShowInMenu True if 1Project shows the view name in the View Bar and the View menu. Read/write Boolean.,office.12).gif Single True if a specified view is a single view. Read-only Boolean.,office.12).gif Table Returns a Table object representing the table of the single view. Read/write Object.,office.12).gif Type Returns or sets the type of item in a View Single. Can be one of the following PjItemType constants: pjOtherItem, pjResourceItem, or pjTaskItem. Read/write Long.