Application.SetHiddenAttribute Method

Access Developer Reference

The SetHiddenAttribute method sets the hidden attribute of an Access object.


expression.SetHiddenAttribute(ObjectType, ObjectName, fHidden)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
ObjectType Required AcObjectType A AcObjectType constant that specifies the type of Access object.
ObjectName Required String The name of the Access object.
fHidden Required Boolean True sets the hidden attribute and False clears the attribute.

Return Value


Together with the GetHiddenAttribute method, the SetHiddenAttribute method provides a means of changing an object's visibility from Visual Basic code. With these methods, you can set or read the Hidden property available in the object's Properties dialog box.

To set this option by using the SetHiddenAttribute method, specify True or False for the setting, as in the following example.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Application.SetHiddenAttribute acTable,"Customers", True