Months Collection Object

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Contains a collection of Month objects.


Use Months(Index), where Index is the month index number, month name, or PjMonth constant, to return a single Month object.


Using the Month Collection Object

The following example counts the number of working days in each month of 2007 for each selected resource.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Dim R As Resource
Dim D As Integer, M As Integer, WorkingDays As Integer

For Each R In ActiveSelection.Resources() WorkingDays = 0 With R.Calendar.Years(2007) For M = 1 To .Months.Count WorkingDays = 0 For D = 1 To .Months(M).Days.Count If .Months(M).Days(D).Working = True Then WorkingDays = WorkingDays + 1 End If Next D MsgBox "There are " & WorkingDays & " working days in " & _ .Months(M).Name & " for " & R.Name & "." Next M End With Next R

Using the Months Collection

Use the Months property to return a Months collection. The following example counts the number of months in 2007.

Visual Basic for Applications

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