Workbook.EnableAutoRecover Property

Excel Developer Reference

Saves changed files, of all formats, on a timed interval. Read/write Boolean.



expression   A variable that represents a Workbook object.


If Microsoft Excel fails, the system fails, or if the system is improperly shut down (not allowing Excel to save the changed files), the backed up files are opened and the user has an opportunity to save changes that otherwise would have been lost. When the user restarts Excel, a document recovery window opens, giving the user an option to recover the files they were working on. Setting this property to True (default) enables this feature.


The following example checks the setting of the AutoRecover feature and if not enabled, Excel enables it and then notifies the user.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub UseAutoRecover()
' Check to see if the feature is enabled, if not, enable it.
If ActiveWorkbook.<strong>EnableAutoRecover</strong> = False Then
    ActiveWorkbook.<strong>EnableAutoRecover</strong> = True
    MsgBox "The AutoRecover feature has been enabled."
    MsgBox "The AutoRecover feature is already enabled."
End If

End Sub

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