WdDefaultFilePath Enumeration

Word Developer Reference

Specifies a default folder for files related to Microsoft Word.

Name Value Description
wdAutoRecoverPath 5 Path for Auto Recover files.
wdBorderArtPath 19 Border art path.
wdCurrentFolderPath 14 Current folder path.
wdDocumentsPath 0 Documents path.
wdGraphicsFiltersPath 10 Graphics filters path.
wdPicturesPath 1 Pictures path.
wdProgramPath 9 Program path.
wdProofingToolsPath 12 Proofing tools path.
wdStartupPath 8 Startup path.
wdStyleGalleryPath 15 Style Gallery path.
wdTempFilePath 13 Temp file path.
wdTextConvertersPath 11 Text converters path.
wdToolsPath 6 Tools path.
wdTutorialPath 7 Tutorial path.
wdUserOptionsPath 4 User Options path.
wdUserTemplatesPath 2 User templates path.
wdWorkgroupTemplatesPath 3 Workgroup templates path.


Used with the DefaultFilePath property of the Options object.