WdSeekView Enumeration

Word Developer Reference

Specifies the document element to display in the print layout view.

Name Value Description
wdSeekCurrentPageFooter 10 The current page footer.
wdSeekCurrentPageHeader 9 The current page header.
wdSeekEndnotes 8 Endnotes.
wdSeekEvenPagesFooter 6 The even pages footer.
wdSeekEvenPagesHeader 3 The even pages header.
wdSeekFirstPageFooter 5 The first page footer.
wdSeekFirstPageHeader 2 The first page header.
wdSeekFootnotes 7 Footnotes.
wdSeekMainDocument 0 The main document.
wdSeekPrimaryFooter 4 The primary footer.
wdSeekPrimaryHeader 1 The primary header.