XlIMEMode Enumeration

Specifies the description of the Japanese input rules.

Version Information
 Version Added:  Excel 2007

Name Value Description
xlIMEModeAlpha 8 Half-width alphanumeric.
xlIMEModeAlphaFull 7 Full-width alphanumeric.
xlIMEModeDisable 3 Disable.
xlIMEModeHangul 10 Hangul.
xlIMEModeHangulFull 9 Full-width Hangul.
xlIMEModeHiragana 4 Hiragana.
xlIMEModeKatakana 5 Katakana.
xlIMEModeKatakanaHalf 6 Half-width Katakana.
xlIMEModeNoControl 0 No control.
xlIMEModeOff 2 Off (English mode).
xlIMEModeOn 1 Mode on.