XlSmartTagControlType Enumeration

Excel Developer Reference

Specifies the type of Smart Document control displayed in the Document Actions task pane.

Name Value Description
xlSmartTagControlActiveX 13 ActiveX control.
xlSmartTagControlButton 6 Button.
xlSmartTagControlCheckbox 9 Check box.
xlSmartTagControlCombo 12 Combo box.
xlSmartTagControlHelp 3 Help text.
xlSmartTagControlHelpURL 4 Absolute URL to Help file.
xlSmartTagControlImage 8 Image.
xlSmartTagControlLabel 7 Label.
xlSmartTagControlLink 2 Link.
xlSmartTagControlListbox 11 List box.
xlSmartTagControlRadioGroup 14 Radio button (option button) group.
xlSmartTagControlSeparator 5 Separator.
xlSmartTagControlSmartTag 1 Smart tag.
xlSmartTagControlTextbox 10 Text box.