Font Object

PowerPoint Developer Reference

Represents character formatting for text or a bullet. The Font object is a member of the Fonts collection. The Fonts collection contains all the fonts used in a presentation.


The following examples describes how to do the following:

  • Return the Font object that represents the font attributes of a specified bullet, a specified range of text, or all text at a specified outline level
  • Return a Font object from the collection of all the fonts used in the presentation

Use the Font property to return the Font object that represents the font attributes for a specific bullet, text range, or outline level. The following example sets the title text on slide one and sets the font properties.

Visual Basic for Applications
  With ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes.Title _
    .Text = "Volcano Coffee"
    With .Font
        .Italic = True
        .Name = "Palatino"
        .Color.RGB = RGB(0, 0, 255)
    End With
End With

Use Fonts(index), where index is the font's name or index number, to return a single Font object. The following example checks to see whether font one in the active presentation is embedded in the presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications
  If ActivePresentation.Fonts(1).Embedded = _
    True Then MsgBox "Font 1 is embedded"

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