How to: Save a Form in a Forms Library

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This Help topic describes how to save a form customized with form pages and does not apply to forms customized with form regions. With form regions, you save the layout of the form region by clicking Form Region, and then Save Form Region. The form region layout file is saved with an .ofs extension. Then you must create a form region manifest XML file and register the form region in the Windows registry. Learn more in How to: Create a Form Region.

Forms customized with form pages

  1. In an open form, on the Developer tab, in the Form group, click Publish, and then click Publish Form As.

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    If you do not see the Developer tab in the open form, in the main Outlook window, click Tools, click Options, and on the Other tab, click Advanced Options. In the In all Microsoft Office Programs section, select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box.
  2. In the Form Name box, type the name for the form.

  3. In the Display Name box, type the display name for the form.

  4. To change the location (library) where the form is stored, select a new folder in the Look In box, or click the browse button and select a folder.

  5. (Exchange only) To save the form in the Organizational Forms Library, click Organizational Forms Library in the Forms Library box.

    To save the form in the Outlook Folders Library, click Outlook Folders, and then click the folder where you want the form to be saved.

    To save the form in the Personal Forms Library, click Personal Forms Library.

  6. When you have selected the folder in which you want to publish your form, click Publish.