Welcome to the Input Method Editor API Reference for the 2007 Office System

Welcome to the Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME) Reference. This reference gives a brief overview of the Microsoft IME versions for Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, in terms of functionality and API format.

Publish date of this reference: January 2010 (version 2007)

What is the Microsoft IME API?

There are two ways to communicate between the Microsoft® Input Method Editor (IME) and applications:

  • Use the standard Microsoft Input Method Manager (IMM) APIs published in the Win32 SDK

  • Use the Microsoft IME native application interface exported from the IME itself

This reference describes how applications can use the native interface to communicate with Microsoft IME directly. The need for such an application interface may arise for the following reasons:

  • An application requires the use of some Microsoft IME-specific functionality or to exchange information that is unavailable via IMM

  • An application requires the use of new features defined in an updated version of IMM, but the OS has the old version of IMM

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