User-defined Cells Row (User-defined Cells Section)

Contains the value and descriptive prompt for any user-defined cells in your solution. A shape contains one User-defined Cells row for each user-defined Value/Prompt cell pair.

User-defined Cells rows are named and contain the following cells. For more details, see the specific cell topics.

Cell Description


Specifies a value for the corresponding user-defined cell.


Specifies a descriptive prompt or comment for the user-defined cell.


User-defined cells can be used for entering formulas or constants that are referred to by other cells or add-ons. Values in user-defined cells are portable, that is, if a shape that refers to a user-defined cell in one shape is copied to another shape that does not have the same user-defined cell, the cell is added to the shape.

You can add as many rows as you need, assign meaningful names to the rows, and set cell values. To add a row to an existing User-defined Cells section, right-click a row and click Insert Row on the shortcut menu.

You can reference these cells by their row name, which appears in a ShapeSheet window in red text. To assign meaningful names to rows, click the row, and then type a name such as Offset, for example, to create the row name User.Offset. You can then reference the Prompt cell using User.Offset.Prompt.

The row name you enter must be unique within the section.