ResourcePlan.ReadResourcePlan Method

Reads resource plan data for the specified project using an optional filter or date range. Optionally checks out the resource plan for modification.

Namespace:  WebSvcResourcePlan
Assembly:  ProjectServerWebServices (in ProjectServerWebServices.dll)


<SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("", RequestNamespace := "",  _
    ResponseNamespace := "",  _
    Use := SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle := SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)> _
Public Function ReadResourcePlan ( _
    filter As String, _
    projectUid As Guid, _
    startDate As DateTime, _
    endDate As DateTime, _
    timeScale As Short, _
    timephasedFTE As Boolean, _
    autoCheckOut As Boolean _
) As ResourcePlanDataSet
Dim instance As ResourcePlan
Dim filter As String
Dim projectUid As Guid
Dim startDate As DateTime
Dim endDate As DateTime
Dim timeScale As Short
Dim timephasedFTE As Boolean
Dim autoCheckOut As Boolean
Dim returnValue As ResourcePlanDataSet

returnValue = instance.ReadResourcePlan(filter, _
    projectUid, startDate, endDate, timeScale, _
    timephasedFTE, autoCheckOut)
[SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("", RequestNamespace = "", 
    ResponseNamespace = "", 
    Use = SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle = SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)]
public ResourcePlanDataSet ReadResourcePlan(
    string filter,
    Guid projectUid,
    DateTime startDate,
    DateTime endDate,
    short timeScale,
    bool timephasedFTE,
    bool autoCheckOut


  • timephasedFTE
    Type: System.Boolean
    If true, return the full time equivalent resources.
  • autoCheckOut
    Type: System.Boolean
    If true, check out the resource plan for editing.

Return Value

Type: WebSvcResourcePlan.ResourcePlanDataSet
ResourcePlanDataSet with the data specified by the filter or date parameters.


The primary DataTable in a ResoucePlanDataSet is the PlanResourcesDataTable.


The filter parameter works with the Criteria operators to filter rows only in the primary PlanResourcesDataTable. For example, you cannot use filter with the ReadResourcePlan method to filter rows in the PlanAssignmentCustomFieldsDataTable. If you try to filter rows in a secondary DataTable, the PSI returns a FilterInvalid exception.

However, you can use the Fields.Add method to filter columns in the primary CalendarsDataTable and in any secondary DataTable.

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