WebSvcObjectLinkProvider Namespace

The WebSvcObjectLinkProvider namespace is an arbitrary name for a reference to the ObjectLinkProvider.asmx Web service of the PSI in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.

The ObjectLinkProvider class in the Web service includes methods that manage Web objects and links for documents and list items on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sites. Create, delete, or read SharePoint, project, project-linked, task, or task-linked Web objects. Update item links.

ObjectLinkProvider methods typically use or return an ObjectLinkProviderDataSet object.


  Class Description
Public class ObjectLinkProvider Includes methods for managing Web object links in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and with external objects such as list items in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services sites.
Public class ObjectLinkProviderDataSet
Public class ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectLinksDataTable
Public class ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectLinksRow Contains the data for one link between a Web object and a project or task.
Public class ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectLinksRowChangeEvent Describes event handler settings for the specified data.
Public class ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectsDataTable
Public class ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectsRow Contains the data for one Web object that can be linked to a project or task in Project Server.
Public class ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectsRowChangeEvent Describes event handler settings for the specified data.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectLinksRowChangeEventHandler
Public delegate ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.WebObjectsRowChangeEventHandler


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration WebObjectLinkType Specifies the type of link between Web objects in an ObjectLinkProviderDataSet class.