FieldOperationType Enumeration

Specifies the operation type for a filter.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.FilterSchema
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll)


<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Enumeration FieldOperationType
Dim instance As FieldOperationType
public enum FieldOperationType


Member name Description
Equal Value=0. Equal to operator.
NotEqual Value=1. Is not equal to operator.
GreaterThan Value=2. Greater than operator.
LessThan Value=3. Less than operator.
GreaterThanEqual Value=4. Greater than or equal to operator.
LessThanEqual Value=5. Less than or equal to operator.
Within Value=6. Is within operator.
NotWithin Value=7. Is not within operator.
Like Value=8. Like operator.
NotLike Value=9. Is not like operator.
Contain Value=10. Contains operator.
NotContain Value=11. Does not contain operator.
IsNull Value=12. Is null operator.
IsNotNull Value=13. Is not null operator.


For more information, see How to: Use a Filter Parameter with PSI Methods.


The Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library namespace also includes the Filter.FieldOperationType type.

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