WebSvcWssInterop Namespace

The WebSvcWssInterop namespace is an arbitrary name for a reference to the WssInterop.asmx Web service of the PSI in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.

The WssInterop class in the Web service includes methods for managing project workspaces. The Project Workspaces and Project Workspace Provisioning Settings pages of Project Web Access use the WssInterop class methods. For example, you can set the site URL and default workspace properties on the http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_layouts/pwa/Admin/WorkspaceProvisioningSettings.aspx page, and synchronize Project Server users on the http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_layouts/pwa/Admin/ManageWSS.aspx page.

You can create or delete a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sites for projects, get information about or update the Windows SharePoint Services sites and settings in the farm, synchronize or update user memberships in Windows SharePoint Services sites, and determine whether a Windows SharePoint Services Web exists.

The WssInterop class methods generally use or return one of the following objects:


  Class Description
Public class ProjectWSSInfoDataSet
Public class ProjectWSSInfoDataSet.ProjWssInfoDataTable
Public class ProjectWSSInfoDataSet.ProjWssInfoRow Specifies a row of project information on the Web-based project hosting server.
Public class ProjectWSSInfoDataSet.ProjWssInfoRowChangeEvent Describes event handler settings for the specified data.
Public class WssInterop Includes methods for managing SharePoint workspaces for projects in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.
Public class WssServersDataSet
Public class WssServersDataSet.WssServersDataTable
Public class WssServersDataSet.WssServersRow Specifies the row data associated with a Web-based host server for projects.
Public class WssServersDataSet.WssServersRowChangeEvent Describes event handler settings for the specified data.
Public class WssSettingsDataSet
Public class WssSettingsDataSet.WssAdminDataTable
Public class WssSettingsDataSet.WssAdminRow Specifies a row of administration and site data for a project.
Public class WssSettingsDataSet.WssAdminRowChangeEvent Describes event handler settings for the specified data.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ProjectWSSInfoDataSet.ProjWssInfoRowChangeEventHandler
Public delegate WssServersDataSet.WssServersRowChangeEventHandler
Public delegate WssSettingsDataSet.WssAdminRowChangeEventHandler