DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Packaging Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AlternativeFormatImportPart Defines the AlternativeFormatImportPart.
Public class AudioReferenceRelationship Defines AudioReferenceRelationship - represents internal Audio reference relationship to a MediaDataPart.
Public class CalculationChainPart Defines the CalculationChainPart.
Public class CellMetadataPart Defines the CellMetadataPart.
Public class ChartDrawingPart Defines the ChartDrawingPart.
Public class ChartPart Defines the ChartPart.
Public class ChartsheetPart Defines the ChartsheetPart.
Public class CommentAuthorsPart Defines the CommentAuthorsPart.
Public class ConnectionsPart Defines the ConnectionsPart.
Public class ControlPropertiesPart Defines the ControlPropertiesPart, this part is only available in Office2010.
Public class CoreFilePropertiesPart Defines the CoreFilePropertiesPart.
Public class CustomDataPart Defines the CustomDataPart, this part is only available in Office2010.
Public class CustomDataPropertiesPart Defines the CustomDataPropertiesPart, this part is only available in Office2010.
Public class CustomFilePropertiesPart Defines the CustomFilePropertiesPart.
Public class CustomizationPart Defines the CustomizationPart.
Public class CustomPropertyPart Defines the CustomPropertyPart.
Public class CustomUIPart
Public class CustomXmlMappingsPart Defines the CustomXmlMappingsPart.
Public class CustomXmlPart Defines the CustomXmlPart.
Public class CustomXmlPropertiesPart Defines the CustomXmlPropertiesPart.
Public class DataPart Defines DataPart - different with OpenXmlPart, this type of parts will be referenced by DataPartReferenceRelationship.
Public class DataPartReferenceRelationship Defines DataPartRelationship - represents internal reference relationship to a DataPart.
Public class DiagramColorsPart Defines the DiagramColorsPart.
Public class DiagramDataPart Defines the DiagramDataPart.
Public class DiagramLayoutDefinitionPart Defines the DiagramLayoutDefinitionPart.
Public class DiagramPersistLayoutPart Defines the DiagramPersistLayoutPart.
Public class DiagramStylePart Defines the DiagramStylePart.
Public class DialogsheetPart Defines the DialogsheetPart.
Public class DigitalSignatureOriginPart Defines the DigitalSignatureOriginPart.
Public class DocumentSettingsPart Defines the DocumentSettingsPart.
Public class DrawingsPart Defines the DrawingsPart.
Public class EmbeddedControlPersistenceBinaryDataPart Defines the EmbeddedControlPersistenceBinaryDataPart.
Public class EmbeddedControlPersistencePart Defines the EmbeddedControlPersistencePart.
Public class EmbeddedObjectPart Defines the EmbeddedObjectPart.
Public class EmbeddedPackagePart Defines the EmbeddedPackagePart.
Public class EndnotesPart Defines the EndnotesPart.
Public class ExcelAttachedToolbarsPart Defines the ExcelAttachedToolbarsPart.
Public class ExtendedFilePropertiesPart Defines the ExtendedFilePropertiesPart.
Public class ExtendedPart Class for all extended parts (Application specific part).
Public class ExternalRelationship Defines ExternalRelationship - represents external relationship.
Public class ExternalWorkbookPart Defines the ExternalWorkbookPart.
Public class FontPart Defines the FontPart.
Public class FontTablePart Defines the FontTablePart.
Public class FooterPart Defines the FooterPart.
Public class FootnotesPart Defines the FootnotesPart.
Public class GlossaryDocumentPart Defines the GlossaryDocumentPart.
Public class HandoutMasterPart Defines the HandoutMasterPart.
Public class HeaderPart Defines the HeaderPart.
Public class HyperlinkRelationship Defines HyperlinkRelationship - represents hyperlink relationship.
Public class IdPartPair Defines IdPartPair - represents (RelationshipId, OpenXmlPart) pair.
Public class ImagePart Defines the ImagePart.
Public class InternationalMacroSheetPart Defines the InternationalMacroSheetPart.
Public class LegacyDiagramTextInfoPart Defines the LegacyDiagramTextInfoPart.
Public class LegacyDiagramTextPart Defines the LegacyDiagramTextPart.
Public class MacroSheetPart Defines the MacroSheetPart.
Public class MailMergeRecipientDataPart Defines the MailMergeRecipientDataPart. Defines MailMergeRecipientDataPart.
Public class MainDocumentPart Defines the MainDocumentPart.
Public class MarkupCompatibilityProcessSettings Defines MarkupCompatibilityProcessingSettings.
Public class MediaDataPart Defines MediaDataPart - class to represent media (Audio, Video) data part in document.
Public class MediaReferenceRelationship Defines MediaReferenceRelationship - represents internal Media reference relationship to a MediaDataPart.
Public class NotesMasterPart Defines the NotesMasterPart.
Public class NotesSlidePart Defines the NotesSlidePart.
Public class NumberingDefinitionsPart Defines the NumberingDefinitionsPart.
Public class OpenSettings Defines OpenSettings - the settings when openning a document.
Public class OpenXmlPackage Defines OpenXmlPackage - base class for strong typed Open XML document classes.
Public class OpenXmlPackageException OpenXmlPackageException, exception class for errors.
Public class OpenXmlPackageValidationEventArgs Obsolete. Defines OpenXmlPackageValidationEventArgs.
Public class OpenXmlPackageValidationSettings Obsolete. Specifies the event handlers that will handle OpenXmlPackage validation events and the OpenXmlPackageValidationEventArgs.
Public class OpenXmlPart Abstract base class for all OpenXml parts.
Public class OpenXmlPartContainer Defines OpenXmlPartContainer - base class for OpenXmlPackage and OpenXmlPart.
Public class PartExtensionProvider A Part Extension Provider which maintains a (Content Type, Part Extension (".xml")) dictionary. Used in OpenXmlPackage derived classes.
Public class PivotTableCacheDefinitionPart Defines the PivotTableCacheDefinitionPart.
Public class PivotTableCacheRecordsPart Defines the PivotTableCacheRecordsPart.
Public class PivotTablePart Defines the PivotTablePart.
Public class PresentationDocument Defines PresentationDocument - an OpenXmlPackage represents a Presentation document
Public class PresentationPart Defines the PresentationPart.
Public class PresentationPropertiesPart Defines the PresentationPropertiesPart.
Public class QueryTablePart Defines the QueryTablePart.
Public class QuickAccessToolbarCustomizationsPart Defines the QuickAccessToolbarCustomizationsPart.
Public class ReferenceRelationship Defines ReferenceRelationship - represents reference relationship. Reference relationship can be internal or external.
Public class RibbonAndBackstageCustomizationsPart Defines the RibbonAndBackstageCustomizationsPart, this part is only available in Office2010.
Public class RibbonExtensibilityPart Defines the RibbonExtensibilityPart.
Public class SharedStringTablePart Defines the SharedStringTablePart.
Public class SingleCellTablePart Defines the SingleCellTablePart.
Public class SlicerCachePart Defines the SlicerCachePart, this part is only available in Office2010.
Public class SlicersPart Defines the SlicersPart, this part is only available in Office2010.
Public class SlideCommentsPart Defines the SlideCommentsPart.
Public class SlideLayoutPart Defines the SlideLayoutPart.
Public class SlideMasterPart Defines the SlideMasterPart.
Public class SlidePart Defines the SlidePart.
Public class SlideSyncDataPart Defines the SlideSyncDataPart.
Public class SmartTagsPart Defines the SmartTagsPart.
Public class SpreadsheetDocument Defines SpreadsheetDocument - an OpenXmlPackage represents a Spreadsheet document.
Public class SpreadsheetPrinterSettingsPart Defines the SpreadsheetPrinterSettingsPart.
Public class StyleDefinitionsPart Defines the StyleDefinitionsPart.
Public class StylesPart Defines StylesPart. The StylesPart served as the base class of StylesWithEffectsPart and StyleDefinitionsPart.
Public class StylesWithEffectsPart Defines the StylesWithEffectsPart, this part is only available in Office2010.
Public class TableDefinitionPart Defines the TableDefinitionPart.
Public class TableStylesPart Defines the TableStylesPart.
Public class ThemeOverridePart Defines the ThemeOverridePart.
Public class ThemePart Defines the ThemePart.
Public class ThumbnailPart Defines the ThumbnailPart.
Public class UserDefinedTagsPart Defines the UserDefinedTagsPart.
Public class VbaDataPart Defines the VbaDataPart.
Public class VbaProjectPart Defines the VbaProjectPart.
Public class VideoReferenceRelationship Defines VideoReferenceRelationship - represents internal Video reference relationship to a MediaDataPart.
Public class ViewPropertiesPart Defines the ViewPropertiesPart.
Public class VmlDrawingPart Defines the VmlDrawingPart.
Public class VolatileDependenciesPart Defines the VolatileDependenciesPart.
Public class WebSettingsPart Defines the WebSettingsPart.
Public class WordAttachedToolbarsPart Defines the WordAttachedToolbarsPart.
Public class WordprocessingCommentsPart Defines the WordprocessingCommentsPart.
Public class WordprocessingDocument Defines WordprocessingDocument - an OpenXmlPackage represents a Word document.
Public class WordprocessingPrinterSettingsPart Defines the WordprocessingPrinterSettingsPart.
Public class WorkbookPart Defines the WorkbookPart.
Public class WorkbookRevisionHeaderPart Defines the WorkbookRevisionHeaderPart.
Public class WorkbookRevisionLogPart Defines the WorkbookRevisionLogPart.
Public class WorkbookStylesPart Defines the WorkbookStylesPart.
Public class WorkbookUserDataPart Defines the WorkbookUserDataPart.
Public class WorksheetCommentsPart Defines the WorksheetCommentsPart.
Public class WorksheetPart Defines the WorksheetPart.
Public class WorksheetSortMapPart Defines the WorksheetSortMapPart.
Public class XmlSignaturePart Defines the XmlSignaturePart.


  Interface Description
Public interface IFixedContentTypePart All parts of fixed content type should be derived from this interface


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AlternativeFormatImportPartType Defines AlternativeFormatImportPartType - types of AlternativeFormatImportPart.
Public enumeration CustomPropertyPartType Defines CustomPropertyPartType - types of CustomPropertyPart.
Public enumeration CustomXmlPartType Defines CustomXmlPartType - types of CustomXmlPart.
Public enumeration EmbeddedControlPersistenceBinaryDataPartType Defines EmbeddedControlPersistenceBinaryDataPartType - types of EmbeddedControlPart.
Public enumeration EmbeddedControlPersistencePartType Defines EmbeddedControlPersistencePartType - types of EmbeddedControlPart.
Public enumeration FontPartType Defines FontPartType - types of FontPart.
Public enumeration ImagePartType Defines ImagePartType - types of ImagePart.
Public enumeration MailMergeRecipientDataPartType Defines MailMergeRecipientDataPartType - types of MailMergeRecipientDataPart.
Public enumeration MarkupCompatibilityProcessMode Defines MarkupCompatibilityProcessMode - the Mode on how to process the Markup Compatibility tags in the document.
Public enumeration MediaDataPartType Defines MediaDataPartType.
Public enumeration ThumbnailPartType Defines ThumbnailPartType - types of ThumbnailPart.