TableWidthType.Width Property

Table Width Value.Represents the attribte in schema: w:w

Namespace:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing
Assembly:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml (in DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll)


<SchemaAttrAttribute(, "w")> _
Public Property Width As StringValue
Dim instance As TableWidthType
Dim value As StringValue

value = instance.Width

instance.Width = value
[SchemaAttrAttribute(, "w")]
public StringValue Width { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: DocumentFormat.OpenXml.StringValue
Returns Int32Value.


The following information from the ECMA International Standard ECMA-376 can be useful when working with this class.

Specifies the value of the width property being defined by the parent element. This property is used to define various properties of a table, including the cell spacing, preferred widths, and table margins.

If this attribute is omitted, then its value shall be assumed to be 0.

Consider a table with a bottom margin with a width of 302:

<w:bottom w:w="302" w:type="dxa" />

The value in the w attribute shall therefore be used to determine the width being specified in the context of the units specified in the type attribute. In this case, the type is dxa (twentieths of a point), so the width is 302 twentieths of a point (0.2097 inches).

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the ST_DecimalNumber simple type.

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