ObjectFrame.InSelection Property (Access)

You can use the InSelection property to determine or specify whether a control on a form in Design view is selected. Read/write Boolean.


expression .InSelection

expression A variable that represents an ObjectFrame object.


When a control is selected, its sizing handles are visible and it can be resized by the user. More than one control can be selected at a time.


The following function uses the InSelection property to determine whether the strControlName control on a form is selected.

To test this code, paste the IsControlSelected function code in the Declarations section of a code module in the Northwind sample database, open the Customers form in Design view, and select the CompanyName control. Then enter the following line in the Debug window:

? IsControlSelected (Forms!Customers, "CompanyName") 
Function IsControlSelected(frm As Form, _ 
 strControlName As String) As Boolean 
 Dim intI As Integer, ctl As Control 
 If frm.CurrentView <> 0 Then 
 ' Form is not in Design view. 
 Exit Function 
 For intI = 0 To frm.Count - 1 
 Set ctl = frm(intI) 
 If ctl.InSelection = True Then 
 ' Is desired control selected? 
 If UCase(ctl.Name) = UCase(strControlName) Then 
 IsControlSelected = True 
 Exit Function 
 End If 
 IsControlSelected = False 
 End If 
 Next intI 
 End If 
End Function

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