DataLabels Object (Excel)

A collection of all the DataLabel objects for the specified series.


Each DataLabel object represents a data label for a point or trendline. For a series without definable points (such as an area series), the DataLabels collection contains a single data label.


Use the DataLabels method to return the DataLabels collection. The following example sets the number format for data labels on series one on chart sheet one.

With Charts(1).SeriesCollection(1) 
 .HasDataLabels = True 
 .DataLabels.NumberFormat = "##.##" 
End With

Use DataLabels(index), where index is the data-label index number, to return a single DataLabel object. The following example sets the number format for the fifth data label in series one in embedded chart one on worksheet one.

Worksheets(1).ChartObjects(1).Chart _ 
 .SeriesCollection(1).DataLabels(5).NumberFormat = "0.000"

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