SubForm.Form Property (Access)

You can use the Form property to refer to a form or to refer to the form associated with a subformcontrol. Read-only Form.


expression .Form

expression A variable that represents a SubForm object.


This property refers to a form object. It is read-only in all views.

This property is typically used to refer to the form or report contained in a subform control. For example, the following code uses the Form property to access the OrderID control on a subform contained in the OrderDetails subform control.

Dim intOrderID As Integer 
intOrderID = Forms!Orders!OrderDetails.Form!OrderID

The next example calls a function from a property sheet by using the Form property to refer to the active form that contains the control named CustomerID.


When you use the Form property in this manner, you are referring to the active form, and the name of the form isn't necessary.

The next example is the Visual Basic equivalent of the preceding example.

X = MyFunction(Forms!Customers!CustomerID)


When you use the Forms collection, you must specify the name of the form.


The following example uses the Form property to refer to a control on a subform.

Dim curTotalAmount As Currency 
curTotalAmount = Forms!Orders!OrderDetails.Form!TotalAmount 

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