FileExportConverters Collection

A collection of FileExportConverter objects that represent all the file converters available for saving files.

Version Information

Version Added: Excel 2007


Use the FileExportConverters property to return the FileExportConverters collection.

The Add method is not available for the FileExportConverters collection. FileExportConverter objects are added during installation of Microsoft Office or by installing supplemental converters.


Use FileExportConverters(Index), where Index is an integer, to return a single FileExportConverter object. The following example displays the extensions associated with the second Microsoft Excel worksheet converter in the collection.

MsgBox FileExportConverters(2).Extensions

The index number represents the position of the file converter in the FileExportConverters collection. The following example displays the description for the first file converter in the collection.

MsgBox FileExportConvters(1).Description

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