ObjectFrame.ObjectPalette Property (Access)

The ObjectPalette property specifies the palette in the application used to create an OLE object. Read/write Variant.


expression .ObjectPalette

expression A variable that represents an ObjectFrame object.


Microsoft Access sets the value of the ObjectPalette property to a String data type containing the palette information. You can use this setting to set the value of the PaintPalette property for a form or report.

If the application associated with the OLE object doesn't have an associated palette, the ObjectPalette property is set to an zero-length string.

The ObjectPalette property is read-only in Form Design view, Form view, and Report Design view. This property setting is unavailable in other views.

The setting of the ObjectPalette property makes the palette of the application associated with the OLE object contained in a control available to the PaintPalette property of a form or report. For example, to make the palette used in Microsoft Graph available when you're designing a form in Microsoft Access, you set the form's PaintPalette property to the ObjectPalette value of an existing chart control.


Windows can have only one color palette active at a time. Microsoft Access allows you to have multiple graphics on a form, each using a different color palette. The PaintPalette and PaletteSource properties let you specify which color palette a form should use when displaying graphics.

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