SharingItem.Send Method (Outlook)

Sends the SharingItem.

Version Information

Version Added: Outlook 2007


expression .Send

expression A variable that represents a SharingItem object.


The Send method sends an item using the default account specified for the session. In a session where multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts are defined in the profile, the first Exchange account added to the profile is the primary Exchange account, and is also the default account for the session. To specify a different account to send an item, set the SendUsingAccount property to the desired Account object and then call the Send method.

Certain sharing providers may have restrictions on the type of recipients allowed. When this method is called, some providers will attempt to set access control list (ACL) entries on the folder for each recipient included in the SharingItem. If an error occurs while attempting to set ACLs for any recipient, this method raises an error and the SharingItem is not sent to any of the recipients.

An error occurs if the BCC or CC properties are set for a SharingItem using an Exchange sharing context.

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