Chapter 4, Visio Formulas

Chapter 4, Visio Formulas

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As a solution developer, you need precise control over the appearance and behavior of the shapes you create. You can change a shape's default behavior and enhance what it can do by editing its formulas. Many other Microsoft® Visio® objects—for example, pages, documents, masters, guides, and styles—also have formulas you can edit.

This chapter introduces basic concepts and terms about Visio formulas, such as the following:

  • How to work with the ShapeSheet® window for shapes and other Visio objects, and the behaviors that ShapeSheet sections control.
  • Elements of a Visio formula—functions, operators, cell references, and units of measure—and how to edit formulas in a ShapeSheet window.
  • General information about designing formulas, such as how shapes inherit formulas, when to add user-defined cells, how to protect formulas from changes a user makes in a drawing window, and how to control evaluation.
  • Guidelines to help you decide when to use Automation to supplement the formulas in a solution.

In this chapter…

The ShapeSheet Window

Elements of Visio Formulas

Designing Visio Formulas

When to Supplement Visio Formulas with Automation