FrontPage 2000 Online Tutorial

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FrontPage 2000 Online Tutorial


The best way to get acquainted with Microsoft FrontPage� 2000 is through hands-on practice. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to build Web sites every bit as sophisticated and attractive as many of the award-winning sites on the World Wide Web today.  

In the following two lessons, you'll build a "Millennium Celebration Web" that provides information about the Year 2000. We've prepared a folder of files for you to practice with while you create this Web site.

How to Use this Tutorial

The tutorial is divided into task-based steps that when followed sequentially demonstrate how to create a FrontPage-based Web site.  To proceed through the steps of this tutorial, or to go back to a previous task, use the blue arrow navigation at the top of each page.  On this page, you would click on the blue arrow with with the text "Before You Begin" to proceed to the next page.

What You Will Learn

This tutorial is divided into two lessons:

Lesson 1: Creating and Editing Web Pages

This lesson teaches you how to create and edit Web pages; work with text and hyperlinks; add pictures, animations, clip art, and files; format lists; position objects; design a feedback form; make a photo gallery; design a Web site structure; and create a Web site.

Lesson 2: Designing and Publishing a Web

In this lesson, you will learn how to create navigation hyperlinks; add shared borders and navigation bars to pages; insert page banners; apply and customize a graphical theme; check spelling and replace text across the Web site; sort and organize files and folders; view Web site reports; and preview and publish the finished Web site.

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