CreateContact Method

The CreateContact method creates a new non-Groove contact. This contact can contain e-mail and name information, but is not associated with a Groove user.




i_ContactURLAs String = "",

i_FullNameAs String = "",

i_EmailAddressAs String = ""

) AsIGrooveFormsToolContact


Parameter Description


Optional URL for the contact. See Remarks.


Optional full name of the contact.


Optional e-mail address of the contact.

Return Value

The return value is a new contact.


This method creates a contact that can be used to set the value of a Contact field using the GrooveFormsToolRecordSetField method or to create a new personal contact. The created contact is not associated with a Groove identity. You can specify the full name and e-mail address in the CreateContact parameters. You can also specify additional fields using the GrooveFormsToolContactInputInformation Type in the IGrooveFormsToolContactSetContact method.

Although this method allows you to specify the Contact URL when creating a contact, you should not do this but should instead specify an empty string. When you specify an empty string, the Forms tool automatically generates the Contact URL. If you explicitly specify a Contact URL, the Forms tool may encounter an error if the Contact URL is not valid.

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