SendInvitation Method

The SendInvitation method sends an instant message inviting the specified recipients to the workspace containing the current Forms tool.





i_BodyAs String = "",

i_TrackInvitationAs Boolean = True,

i_SaveSentInvitationAs Boolean = False,


= GrooveFormsToolRole_Participant,

i_RequireConfirmationAs Boolean = False



Parameter Description


Enumeration of contact URLs to receive invitation.


Invitation message text. Default value is “”.


Controls if Messaging Services should track invitation status through its Notifier. Specify TRUE to track the invitation and specify FALSE to not track the invitation. Default value is TRUE.


Controls if Messaging Services should save a copy of the outbound invitation message in the message store for the sending account. Specify TRUE to save a copy and specify FALSE to not save a copy. Default value is FALSE.


Initial role of invitee in workspace. Default is empty string.


Controls whether the inviter will get a confirmation message after an invitee accepts the invitation. If a confirmation message is required, the invitee becomes a member of the workspace only after the inviter confirms the invitation. Specify TRUE to require a confirmation and specify FALSE to not require one. Default value is FALSE.


Before sending an instant message to a contact, you should call the IGrooveFormsToolContactServices DoesContactExistmethod. DoesContactExist specifies whether Groove has enough information about the contact to send an instant message. Note that if the contact does not exist, but you have access to the contact as a value in a Contact field, you can make the contact accessible.

To use default values for interface parameters, you must pass an empty object such as one created by the following code:

var ContactURLEnum = CreateBSTREnumFromArray(new Array());


This method displays a modal dialog that requests permission from the user to send the message. Consequently, this method should not be called from a script when a transaction is open. Macros are executed within an open transaction so this method should not be called from a macro.

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