GrooveForms2.QueryRecords Operation

The QueryRecords operation returns the Forms tool records that match the specified conditions.


The HTTP Post URL targets the Forms tool. This URI is provided by the GrooveTools.Read operation in the Tool3Data element.

Input Message Header

GrooveRequestHeader specifies information common to all Groove Web Services, including the Groove Identity URL and the Groove Request key.

Input Message Parameters

<RecordQuery />
Element Data type Description



Specifies the selection conditions. RecordQuery includes the following elements: ViewURI, FormURI, UnreadRecordsOnly, WhereClause, QueryMetaDataOnly, and IncludeFileAttachmentContent.

Output Message Header

GrooveResponseHeader specifies the Response key.

Return Value

<QueryRecordsResult />
Element Data type Description



The Schema element defines the record schemas. The Data element contains the records.


If you specify the RecordQueryFormURI element, the QueryRecords operation matches only records created with the specified form. You can specify the FormURI of any form returned by the ReadForms operation including forms that have been marked for deletion but not yet deleted. This allows you to access existing records whose form has been deleted. If you do not specify the FormURI element, the Data element can contain records that are created using different forms and that are described by different record schemas.

If the QueryRecords operation finds no matching records, the returned Forms2RecordDataSet has an empty Data element and has no elements defining the record schemas in the Schema element.

The content of attachments are included if the RecordQueryIncludeFileAttachments element has a TRUE value.

If this operation fails for a single record, then it will fail for all records and will return a SOAP exception. For example, if the user specified by the Identity URL in the header does not have permission to read any of the specified records, then the operation will fail and no records will be returned.

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