Properties Complex Type

The Properties type provides version information about Groove and Groove Web Services.


  <Version />
    <!-- Array of -->  <Version />
  <!-- Array of --> <xs:any /> 

Complex Type Elements

Element Data type Description



The version number of the Groove application. For Groove 2007, the Major version number has the value 4 and the Minor version number has the value 2. Note the Groove application version number is different from the Microsoft Office 2007 version number, which has the value 12.



The Major and Minor version numbers of the Groove Web Service APIs that are available on the system. The WebServicesVersions element does not use the Custom or Sequence version number fields. There may be zero or more Version elements in the WebServicesVersions array.



This is a placeholder to allow additional information to be provided by the Read operation without incrementing the version of this service. Note that the WSDL does not specify a name for this element. In Groove 2007, the output message parameter value does not contain this optional element.

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