Count (PEL)

This function determines the number of cells in the specified scope.

Count( Scope_Expression [ , ArgumentCount] );


  • Scope_Expression
    A valid PerformancePoint Expression Language (PEL) expression that returns a scope.
  • ArgumentCount
    A flag that specifies how the function should count empty elements.

    For specific flag values, see Remarks.

Return Value

This function returns the number of cells in a scope. If ArgumentCount specifies INCLUDEEMPTY, the count includes the number of empty cells. Otherwise, only nonempty cells are counted.


ArgumentCount is a valid PEL type. For more information, see Types (PEL).

The following table describes values for the ArgumentCount flag.

Value Description



Counts both empty and non-empty cells.


Counts only non-empty cells.

When this function is used with a single argument or when it is used with INCLUDEEMPTY, the PEL compiler can always generate SQL code.

This function has a different behavior when it is used with MDX implementation or SQL implementation.

  • With MDX implementation, the Count function can count NULL as a member. Thus, the return value includes both empty and non-empty members.

  • With SQL implementation, the Count function counts only non-empty cells.

When the function is used with two arguments, the compiler can generate SQL code when the function is part of an absolute reference. The compiler cannot generate SQL code when the function is part of a relative reference.

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