Authoring Custom Web Pages That Contain the XmlFormView Control

InfoPath Forms Services renders the XmlFormView ASP.NET control in a custom Web page. Browser-enabled forms are fully functional equivalents of forms designed in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 but do not require the InfoPath client product to be installed on the computer using the form. InfoPath Forms Services must be enabled on the server, as part of either Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007, in order for browser-enabled InfoPath forms to be rendered in the browser. The XmlFormView control is available on servers running InfoPath Forms Services, which benefits enterprises that want to incorporate the functionality of InfoPath forms into their organizational Web infrastructure but do not wish to install the InfoPath client on each computer.

For more information about creating a custom Web page containing the XmlFormView control, see Hosting the InfoPath 2007 Form Editing Environment in a Custom Web Form on MSDN.