_sWebMetadata.CategoryIdPath Field

A colon-delimited list of the GUIDs that represent the web application, all the parent sites and the site itself.

Namespace:  [SiteData Web service]
Web service reference: http://Site/_vti_bin/SiteData.asmx


Public CategoryIdPath As String
Dim instance As _sWebMetadata
Dim value As String

value = instance.CategoryIdPath

instance.CategoryIdPath = value
public string CategoryIdPath


This property MUST begin with a colon. It MUST be returned only if the site has an external security provider. The client MUST ignore it.


For example, CategoryIdPath = :af377a2f-b65d-439b-85d3-d7d9c9694cfd:144960A2-F7F9-4E03-B4DE-5A4DB793E900:3CB4310E-706F-41A5-A85B-FAAFA01A7A8A:50D959CF-9804-47A3-AE1F-59959B71DFFB

This indicates that the web application with the GUID af377a2f-b65d-439b-85d3-d7d9c9694cfd contains a site with GUID 144960A2-F7F9-4E03-B4DE-5A4DB793E900. This child site acts as a parent site because it contains a sub site whose GUID is 3CB4310E-706F-41A5-A85B-FAAFA01A7A8A. This child site also contains a site, this time with a GUID 50D959CF-9804-47A3-AE1F-59959B71DFFB.

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