Editing Workflow Tasks in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM)

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Workflow tasks—as any other tasks—are displayed in task lists. When the user navigates to a task list, the tasks it contains are displayed based on the selected View and the access control list (ACL) rights of the user. A workflow can have different types of tasks, but all the tasks from a given workflow association are contained on the same task list. A given task list, however, can contain the tasks for multiple workflow templates and associations.

A developer can include elements in the workflow template definition that define task types as editable in bulk.

For workflow tasks, users can select to process workflow tasks in bulk. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 then displays a list of the workflow tasks types on that task list that can be edited in bulk, sorted by workflow template. When the user selects a task type from a given workflow template, Office SharePoint Server 2007 displays the task edit form for that type. Developers can include logic in their Microsoft Office InfoPath task edit forms that changes the form view based on whether the user is editing tasks individually or in bulk.

The user can then edit the tasks as a group. The workflow task edit form does not need to contain any special logic to bulk-edit the tasks; this is handled completely by Office SharePoint Server 2007. When the user submits the task edit form, Office SharePoint Server 2007 writes the submitted data to each task of that task type for that workflow template for all associations of that template, as a timer job.

For information about specifying InfoPath workflow task forms, see Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 Forms for Workflows (ECM).

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