IEntity.FindSpecific Method (Identity, ILobSystemInstance)

Gets the external item with the given identity for the default SpecificFinder MethodInstance object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.BusinessData.MetadataModel
Assembly:  Microsoft.BusinessData (in Microsoft.BusinessData.dll)


Function FindSpecific ( _
    identity As Identity, _
    lobSystemInstance As ILobSystemInstance _
) As IEntityInstance
Dim instance As IEntity
Dim identity As Identity
Dim lobSystemInstance As ILobSystemInstance
Dim returnValue As IEntityInstance

returnValue = instance.FindSpecific(identity, _
IEntityInstance FindSpecific(
    Identity identity,
    ILobSystemInstance lobSystemInstance


Return Value

Type: Microsoft.BusinessData.Runtime.IEntityInstance
An external item.


This method throws an ObjectNotFoundException if the item is not found on the external system.

The mode of operation can be specified for this method. For more information about how to use operation modes, see OperationMode.

Instances of objects in the Business Data Connectivity object model are tied to the Metadata Store they are obtained from. Using instances tied to one Metadata Store with the instances from another Metadata Store will cause data corruption and other unexpected behavior. For more information, see DatabaseBackedMetadataCatalog, FileBackedMetadataCatalog, and RemoteSharedFileBackedMetadataCatalog.

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