Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.Infrastructure.Client Namespace

The Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.Infrastructure.Client namespace contains types to handle the infrastructure of the client.


  Class Description
Public class DateTimeNormalize Represents an interpretation rule for specifying how the DateTime value coming from the external system should be evaluated for time zones.
Public class InterpretedRule Represents the base class that all interpretation rules need to derive from.
Public class StringNormalize Contains methods and properties that handle string normalization.
Public class TypeConversion Represents the database used for performing integrity checks in the stored procedures.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate OnPostGenerateProxyAssemblyBytes Represents a delegate that is invoked after a Web service proxy assembly is generated.
Public delegate OnPreGenerateProxyAssemblyBytes Represents a delegate that is invoked before a Web service proxy assembly is generated.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration StringNormalize.Mode Represents the string normalization mode.