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The SPMobileLabel type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Adapter (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property Alignment (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property BackColor (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property BindingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property BreakAfter (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected property ChildControlsCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ClientIDSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property Context (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Controls (Inherited from Control.)
Public property CustomAttributes (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected property DesignMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property DeviceSpecific (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property Direction Gets or sets the reading direction for the label text.
Public property EnableTheming (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property EnableViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property Events (Inherited from Control.)
Public property FirstPage (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property Font (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property ForeColor (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property Form (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected property HasChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IdSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property InnerText (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected property IsChildControlStateCleared (Inherited from Control.)
Public property IsTemplated (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected property IsTrackingViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsViewStateEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Public property LastPage (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected property LoadViewStateByID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property MobilePage (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property NamingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Page (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property PaginateChildren (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property Parent (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Site (Inherited from Control.)
Public property SkinID (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Protected property Style (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property StyleReference (Inherited from MobileControl.)
Public property TemplateControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public property TemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Text (Inherited from TextControl.)
Public property UniqueID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewStateIgnoresCase (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Visible (Inherited from Control.)
Public property VisibleWeight Gets the approximate weight of the Label control, in characters. (Overrides MobileControl.VisibleWeight.)
Public property Weightless Gets or sets the value that indicates whether the Label control is considered weightless for purposes of pagination.
Public property Wrapping (Inherited from MobileControl.)


Explicit Interface Implementations

  Name Description
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IControlBuilderAccessor.ControlBuilder (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IDataBindingsAccessor.DataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IExpressionsAccessor.Expressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IDataBindingsAccessor.HasDataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IExpressionsAccessor.HasExpressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetationPrivate property IControlDesignerAccessor.UserData (Inherited from Control.)


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