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Contains the metadata information about an external application managed by the Secure Store Service.

The TargetApplication type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method TargetApplication Initializes a new instance of the TargetApplication class using the specified metadata information.



  Name Description
Public property ApplicationId Gets or sets the ID of the target application.
Public property ContactEmail Gets or sets the contact e-mail address of the current target application.
Public property CredentialManagementUrl Gets or sets the uniform resource indicator (URI) for managing the credentials.
Public property FriendlyName Gets or sets the friendly name of the target application.
Public property Name Gets the target application name.
Public property TicketTimeout Gets or sets the length of time, in minutes, for a ticket issued to a user that can be used to redeem credentials for the target application.
Public property Type Gets or sets the type of the application.



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Public method IsTicketingEnabled Indicates whether the current application has ticketing enabled.
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