Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.DocumentSets Namespace

Provides types and members for managing document sets.


  Class Description
Public class AllowedContentTypeCollection Stores a list of the content types that can be included in an associated DocumentSet object.
Public class DefaultDocument Represents a document that will be provisioned automatically for every DocumentManagementDocumentSet object that is based on the associated content type.
Public class DefaultDocumentCollection Represents a collection of DefaultDocument objects.
Public class DocSetTooBigForExportException Specifies the exception thrown during a Send To Other Location or Export Document Set function when the DocumentSets object exceeds 50 megabytes (MB).
Public class DocumentSet Represents a DocumentSet object on a SharePoint Server publishing site.
Public class DocumentSetTemplate Represents the template on which DocumentSet objects are based.
Public class DocumentSetVersion Represents metadata that is associated with a major or minor version of the DocumentSet object and its files.
Public class DocumentSetVersionCollection Represents a collection of DocumentSetVersion snapshot objects.
Public class SharedFieldCollection Specifies the list of metadata fields for the SPContentType object that is associated with the current DocumentSet object.
Public class WelcomePageFieldCollection Specifies the list of metadata fields for the content type that is associated with this DocumentSet object.


  Structure Description
Public structure DocumentSetVersionField Represents display information for a DocumentSetVersion metadata field
Public structure DocumentSetVersionItem Holds display information for the document set snapshot list item.