RefinementWebPart.GetXPathNavigator Method

Generates the XMLNavigator object that contains the results from the underlying query.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.WebControls
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search (in Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.dll)


Protected Overrides Function GetXPathNavigator ( _
    viewPath As String _
) As XPathNavigator
Dim viewPath As String
Dim returnValue As XPathNavigator

returnValue = Me.GetXPathNavigator(viewPath)
protected override XPathNavigator GetXPathNavigator(
    string viewPath


Return Value

Type: System.Xml.XPath.XPathNavigator
An XPathNavigator object for the Search results.


This override creates the XPathNavigator object that contains the Search results from the underlying query.

This method returns null if the value of the NumberOfCharsToDisplay or the DisplayedCategories property is less than or equal to 0.

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